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Mar 17
Web Tweak: Tucson CVB
The Tucson CVB can be found at two websites: one named, apparently to catch the Web-browsing tourist, and the other named  Once you get past the name, it's the same site.  I visited the sites and rummaged through the linked pages.  Here's what I found.

PRO: Simplicity.  The page is dominated by a picture of a bright green golf course set against the rugged, purple beauty of the desert mountains.  This picture is worth a thousand words.
PRO: The linked ("daughter") pages go deep and offer tons of information and links.

CON: The only place it plainly says "Come" is in Spanish.
CON: Like so many CVB sites, this one suffers from the schizophrenia of trying to serve both visitors and conventions.  True, a site built to attract conventions would need to tout the area's wonders as it would for potential tourists, but not so prominently.  Also true, a tourist-focused site should include a link to the convention-focused site, but only a simple link.  The two types of readers are very distinct.  Why not use the two separate Web addresses for two distinct sites?
CON: The small print under the topic headings is really small.  Better to just put a few teaser words and invite the reader to click through the image or link to learn more.

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