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Mar 27
Santa Barbara CVB
The website of the Santa Barbara Conference & Visitors Bureau & Film Commission (an interesting addition) is colorful and inviting to look at.  The organization of the site is not so inviting.  Why should a visitor have to click on a link--even if it is the first link--to get to the "Welcome" page?  Isn't that what the homepage is supposed to be?  It's like dangling a hook in the water with a note saying that the bait is in the boat. 

The click-through images on the homepage are probably meant to be teasers, and that ain't right.  They should be very clear in what they lead to.  One is "Car Free".  Is that meant to appeal to anti-car environmentalists, or does it meant you can use a car for free while there?  You won't know until you click.  I clicked.  It refers to public transportation and other ways to live without the stresses of driving.  Another is "Santa Barbara Golf": self-explanatory.  Another is "Get Fresh".  Fortunately, the photo link shows fruit and seafood, so we understand that one.  Finally, there is "Sideways in Santa Barbara".  I didn't click through, but the alternating images are a colorful shot of people drinking wine and a black-and-white drawing of people inside a wine bottle.  With those 2 clues and the title, I have to suppose it's a warning against drunken behavior.

In short, the Santa Barbara web presence makes the visitor dig for info, and that's not good. It's a good thing that nobody cares much about website names, because the site is  The - aca ending is a Spanish form that indicates disgust or grossness.

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