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Mar 24
Web Tweak: Los Angeles CVB
When it comes to wooing visitors to Los Angeles, there are a lot of fingers in the pie.  The chief site is that of the LA CVB itself, but others almost crowd it out with invitations to specific suburbs, to amusement parks, to Hollywood adventures, and more.  All the CVB site has to do is say, "Bring your event to LA."  Unfortunately, it doesn't.  Instead it says that LA is the event, and that you should come see it.  You can get easily to the deeper pages designed specifically for "Meeting Professionals" and "Travel Professionals", but they aren't highlighted.  It stresses glamor and forsakes business, research, academics...

Reading all my Web Tweak entries, you'd think that almost all CVB sites are missing the point that inviting hundreds at a time ought to be the focus of a CONVENTION and Visitors Bureau.  And you'd be right.  I once saw a cartoon in Life magazine.  It showed an old Western town, but with obvious signs that this was an Indian town, and not a cowboy town.  The biggest give-away, and the joke, was that the movie house marquee read "Now Showing: TONTO and the Lone Ranger".  That's what I keep seeing on CVB sites" "Now catering to VISITORS and Conventions".

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I am working on my thesis at Florida Atlantic University which deals with urban developement. I need information regarding the percentage of domestic vs. international travel out of los angeles. Any information you could provide would be helpful.

Tom Coburn

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