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Mar 18
Web Tweak: San Diego CVB

Today I review the website of the San Diego CVB, or should I say, the San Diego VB?  It's hard to find anything on their home page about conventions or conference planning.  It's a tourist-oriented site with a little dropdown box under the title "BUSINESS SERVICES"  that offers links to information for A) Visitors (overkill, or a logic loop?), B) Meeting Professionals (at last), C) Media, etc.

PRO: Prominent Web position.  Search for "San Diego" and "visit" or some other similar term, and it will show up among the first results.  A pretty page, and inviting to tourists.

CON: "a day of everything and nothing": What does that mean?  And who cares how many square miles there are in the county?  And, is it a plus to tout yourself as California's 2nd largest city?  Why not use that banner space for something more appealing than a confused encyclopedia entry?  Something like, say, "Come to San Diego.  You'll love it!

CON: As I mentioned above, if I were looking at the CVB site for information about possibly holding a business conference there, I'd have to go digging.

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