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Mar 16
Web Tweak: Phoenix CVB
This is the first of what I call Web Tweaks, being candid critiques, with praise where deserved, for the websites of CVBs across America and perhaps around the world.  I have decided to start near home, with the Phoenix, Arizona CVB

PRO: First Impressions -- It has all the right things in all the right places.  It never exactly says, "Come to Phoenix", but the implicit welcome is clear.  The 8 categories are well presented.  It's not the CVB's fault that the industry hasn't yet decided that it can't be both Welcome Wagon for new move-ins and sales office for conventions and tourists.  Somewhere along the line, the move-ins have to be left to the realtors.

CON: Two phrases alternate across the top: "Discover the desert you never knew." and "The desert is a myth."  Those are fine for someone looking for the desert--though a bit uninviting to any who are already familiar with it--but how about the visitor who doesn't care about the desert and just wants a quality business conference?

CON: The page spills off the bottom of the screen.  Make the home page fit the screen.  Say less.

CON: Everyone is white, except a few Hispanic performers.  That says something you probably don't want to say.

CON: Where are the Suns, the Cardinals, the Diamondbacks, the Coyotes, ASU, and more?  Many business travelers can't get out of the heart of town or even explore the neighborhood, but they know they'll find excitement at a game.

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