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Jan 28
The Author of TheCVBlog
Greetings.  I'm Matt Ellsworth, author of this blog.  I come by my interest in Convention and Visitors Bureaus from the user side.  For two years abroad and four years in the U.S. I was responsible for arranging logistical support, lodging, and travel for U.S. government representatives and delegates to international meetings.  I've handled governors, Cabinet Secretaries (what other governments call "Ministers"), Members of Congress--I've even handled visits by the President and Vice President.  My favorite memories include Texas Rangers, Secret Service snipers, a photo with Pres. Reagan, a handshake from Vice President Gore, and getting to attend the cultural events that were part of major conferences.

During four years with the State Department's Office of International Conference Administration, I got to see much of the world.  I've been in some great conference facilities and worked with some wonderful people. I've also seen conference organizers who were overwhelmed, unprepared, and understaffed.  This blog will look at CVBs, their web sites, their methods, their best practices--and anything else that might be helpful to the industry as a whole and each CVB in particular.

I left  the federal government to return to my roots in the Arizona desert, and now I write blogs, do web-based research and otherwise enjoy being with family.

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