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How to Choose a Conference Site Archives

Feb 1
Will Detroit Win or Lose at Super Bowl Time?
Whose idea was it to hld the Super Bowl in Detroit in February?  Really.  Detroit is hosting the Big Game, and they had better do a first rate job of it, or "I told you so" will be on everybody's chapped lips for years to come.
Jan 30
Google Search for "a Place to hold a Business Convention"
In my frustrating to find a place to hold a large sales conference, I try the commonsensical "a place to hold a business convention."  Do the results restore my faith in search engines, and in the web presence of conference facilties?  Yes and no, but mostly NO.  Continue Reading
Google Search for "Business Convention"
I have done a Google search for "business conference" and got nothing helpful.  So now I'll try "business convention".  Voilá!  I find sites about cities and convention facilities!  I'm getting somehwere.  But I still have to sift through every other sort of site to get to them. Continue Reading
Google Search for "Business Conference"
Where do CVB sites show up as a result of searches that might really happen, like "business conference", "business convention", etc.?  Not very high. Continue Reading

How to Choose a Conference Site Archives

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